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Some people with chlamydia expertise problem obtaining or keeping Associate in Nursing erection that is often known as male erectile dysfunction. This problem happens once chlamydia infects the endocrine, resulting in inflammation.

Chlamydia could be a sexually transmitted infection (STI) which will cause long health issues. Many of us with chlamydia don’t have any symptoms and are unaware that they need the disease.

If it goes untreated, chlamydia will lead to:

  • chronic inflammation in men, inflicting pain and male erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • permanent sterility in ladies and a painful condition is known as girdle disease
  • Associate in the Nursing accrued risk of obtaining HIV

In this article, we tend to explore the link between chlamydia and ED. We tend to describe once to induce tested additionally; however, chlamydia to treat, and that alternative conditions will cause ED.

Does chlamydia cause ED?

Chlamydia will infect the prostate, inflicting a complication known as inflammation, which may result in ED.

If chlamydia enters the reproductive organ track, it will unfold to near organs. In males, chlamydia microorganism will infect the canal, that is that the tube that carries spermatozoon out of the body. Over time, the organism will travel through the channel to the endocrine.

If the prostate gets affected and also inflamed, it should limit the flow of blood to the erectile organ, which may create obtaining or keeping an erection tight.

The Centers for sickness management and hindrance (CDC) within the US Report that chlamydia will unfold to a sexual partner, even once a male doesn’t ejaculate throughout the encounter.

Chlamydia symptoms

Chlamydia usually causes no symptoms. In some individuals, symptoms seem many weeks when the initial infection, and by then an individual could have unfolded chlamydia to some other person.

When chlamydia causes symptoms, they’ll include:

  • a burning sensation once urinating
  • discharge from the erectile organ or epithelial duct
  • pain or swelling within the testicles that is a smaller amount common

Chlamydia will indirectly cause ED. It doesn’t mean that an individual with ED essentially has chlamydia or another STI.

If a private have issues obtaining or keeping Associate in Nursing erection, they ought to discuss it with a doctor, the World Health Organization will advise regarding treatment.


Anyone World Health Organization is sexually active is in danger of obtaining chlamydia. The federal agency estimate that two.6 million cases of infection occur every year within the U.S.

Practicing sexual activity will forestall chlamydia and its complications. An individual will do that by:

  • mistreatment condoms or dental dams correctly on every occasion they need sex
  • solely having sex with those who test and treated for any STIs
  • abstaining from the epithelial duct, oral, and perversion

Treatment for chlamydia and ED

Chlamydia takes a look at could involve an excrement sample or a swab of the within of the canal. If chlamydia is confirmed, the person ought to begin treatment immediately.

It is essential to debate the designation with any sexual partners, as well as past partners World Health Organization could have shrunk and unfolded the infection. Some clinics provide to decision these previous partners and inform them, while not naming anyone concerned.

Informing sexual partners regarding the designation can permit them to induce tested and start treatment, if necessary.

A doctor can order antibiotics to treat chlamydia. It’s crucial to require all the antibiotics as prescribed. Failing to complete a full course could mean that some microorganism survives and cause another infection.

A complete course of antibiotics will cure the infection of inflicting inflammation, which can relieve ED symptoms.

Becoming infected with chlamydia multiple times is feasible. Finishing a course of treatment can clear up Associate in Nursing infection. However, it doesn’t create an individual immune.

Anyone diagnosed with chlamydia ought to avoid all sexual contact for seven days when taking the single-dose antibiotic or whereas taking the 7-day treatment course.

Can alternative conditions cause ED?

Physical, psychological, and emotional factors will contribute to ED. Merely a couple of the various health conditions which will cause it to include:

  • cardiopathy
  • high pressure
  • sort two polygenic disease
  • excretory organ issues
  • depression
  • anxiety

Stress and bound medications may cause ED, as will STI-related anxiety and discomfort.

Also, authors of a study from 2011 found that men aged 40–59 with HIV had considerably higher rates of ED.

When to determine a physician

An individual with any of the following symptoms ought to look for medical advice:

  • issues obtaining or keeping Associate in Nursing erection
  • burning throughout excretion
  • pain throughout sex
  • discharge from the erectile organ
  • a rash within the private parts

Only care skilled will properly diagnose and treat STIs. For those who are sexually active, regular testing for chlamydia is an essential part of staying healthy.

Family doctors and a few medical clinics provide STI testing. Whereas untreated chlamydia will cause many health complications, the condition is curable.

Regular medical checkups and STI testing will facilitate to forestall and treat ED and alternative issues ensuing from chlamydia.

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